At Pearly Mates Pet Cremations, our family owned and operated team has a proud history of providing our professional and high quality services for more than 10 years. Many of us have a love and bond with our pets akin to that of a family member. This is why we understand that the pain and loss can often feel overwhelming. We will assist you to find the perfect tribute for your beloved pet. We offer a choice of having your pet returned to you in a beautiful, locally handcrafted urn of your choice or scatter tin. Whether you decide to scatter your pets ashes or keep them in an urn is your personal choice; neither is right nor wrong and is what you see as befitting for you and your beloved companion.

At Pearly Mates we believe all pets - no matter how big or small, be treated with respect and it is our guarantee that the remains you receive back are solely those of your pet. A certificate will be provided in the form of a Statutory Declaration signed by us and a Public Official not associated with our company. Our promise is both genuine and legally binding.

Each urn is hand crafted to order for each individual pet, they are not mass-produced. Being as such we do not make the claim that your pet will be returned in a matter of days! Your pet's urn is individually ordered by you and then made by our team.

In concluding, we believe that in conjunction with our company ethics, as well as the Statutory Declaration attesting to the fact that the remains you receive back are those of your pet, and put together with the fact we have sourced local timbers to produce hand crafted individual urns, Pearly Mates Pet Cremations is second to none.

In remembrance of Rebel.
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