About Our Timber Urns

Our urns come in a wider range of sizes.
Our urns come in a wider range of sizes.

As the final resting place for your pet, we take pride in our handcrafted urns made here in Gippsland using only solid quality timbers - our timbers are not stained pine.  

You will be given the opportunity to select an urn in the style and timber of your choice.   Photos come included with our Tower, Kennel and Mantle style urns, you can also add a photo to our Plain or Standard Urn.

You can also choose the additional option of having a personalised engraved plaque in a brass or silver finish added to any of our urns.     Our dedication in providing you with the best made tribute for your pet is second to none.

If you wish to have a photo of your pet added to the urn, this is done during the manufacturing stage by us. photo of your pet embedded under glass within the urn.   As all of our urns are custom made, once they are completed the photo becomes part of the finished urn.  

 You simply need to email, text or post us the photo of your pet that you wish to use. We can then make adjustments to the photo such as - altering the brightness, repairing imperfections or cropping out unwanted backgrounds where possible.  

Our urns are available for general purchase even if you are not engaging our full services.

Urn Styles

Please see ourPricing page for costs on urns.

Standard Urn in Maple

Standard Urn

Tower Urn in Blackwood

Tower Urn  
(with Photo Insert)

Mantle Urn in Blue Spruce

Mantle Urn   
(with Photo Insert)

The Kennel

The Kennel
(with Photo Insert)

Plain Urn

Plain Urn

Your Choice Of Timber

Standard Urn in Rose Mahogany (Rosewood)

Standard Urn in Rosewood

Standard Urn in Tasmanian Oak

Standard Urn in Tasmanian Oak

Standard Urn in Blackwood

Standard Urn in Blackwood

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